Living Our Deeper Connection to Earth & Life
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Living Our Deeper Connection to Earth & Life
*A special announcement from Judy, Founder & Scout*

I am excited to invite you to join the 1st NatureConnect Pacific North West EarthGathering!
An expression of the evolution of NatureConnect over 15 years, it includes new collaborations, communities, ceremony and honoring all
of Earth in powerful and affirming new ways. It addresses vital concerns and issues we are all facing in our lives on Earth at this time.

It makes a place for taking time to see and hear one another, to build relationship, resiliecy and connection to our diverse 'Tribes'.

The multi-day design opens up mutilple ways to participate, at no cost, for individuals, friends and families.
It also offers a low cost, meaningful and shared journey based on a 'gift economy' of equality.

I am honored, glad and gratified by this new and exciting direction and I invite you to play a part!