Connecting with Nature--Our True Lives

Everyting you hoped for and some things you don't yet know
Connecting with Nature; Owning Our Deeper Lives
Offerings, Events & Excursions
(Everything you've hoped for, and some things you'll be surprised by!)
Judy L Todd, an educator, poet, seasoned mentor and inherent naturalist, has been exploring Earth's diverse gifts and challenges in
extraordinary places  with extraordinary people throughout the Pacific Northwest Bioregion. for nearly 20 years.

Judy's Excursions and Programs have been developed using her background in transformational education and her love of and interest in
geology, history, literature, ecology, cosmology, mysticism, archetypes, and the indigenous and ancient arts.  Her work engages each participant
in self-discovery and personal evolution as a 21st Century awakened human --  in concert with Earth, its Sacred Places and all its Beings.

To learn more about her work and her offerings, telephone 503.260.4995, email or text to
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Other Program Leaders will be joining several of these
and additional yet-to-come events and offerings this year
and sharing their own unique talents and expertise:
songs and sounds, field discoveries, art and more.
I'm excited for you to meet them soon!